We’re Closing

I’ve been thinking on it for awhile now and have taken the decision to close the business.  Our last batch will be in vat on Thursday, 10 October.  We will end where we began, with a batch of Queso Fresco- it will just be 10 times larger than it was in 2013!

I appreciate this is a bit of a surprise, so a few answers to the queries we are receiving.

WHY NOW?  Gringa Dairy (like most small food businesses) is very hands-on.  We’ve basically outgrown our 2018 expansion and are struggling to balance growth demands with operational constraints.  As a result, we need to execute the next phase of the business plan and this requires 100% dedication.  After 7 years, I have to admit I’m tired of the long hours and very early starts. It’s simply time to move on with the next phase of life –  I’ll be semi-retiring and spending much of the year in France.

IS THIS ABOUT BREXIT? Yes and no.  It is no secret that I have been greatly distressed by the anti-immigrant sentiment that has emerged since the vote and it has impacted my thinking to be sure.  Tactically, I’ve done everything possible to shore up against Brexit impacts and believe Gringa Dairy could and would survive the Brexit chaos, I just don’t have the drive to see it through.

CAN SOMEONE TAKE IT OVER/IS IT FOR SALE?  The business is profitable, stable and growing, but Brexit uncertainty has all but frozen the marketplace for sales like ours.  So, I’m separating the intellectual property from the equipment.  There will be an online auction for all our gear on our around 24 October.  Get in touch if you want details.

If you happen to know someone who might be interested in buying the Gringa Dairy intellectual property (brand, methods/”recipes”, etc.), it’s honestly a great opportunity.  I’ve priced the IP well below book value to account for the uncertainty, but the business is well positioned.  I have full details available and happy to chat with anyone who might be interested.   

WILL YOU STILL BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTANCY? Yes.  I have worked with several of our customers and other start-ups on marketing & development mostly.  I’ll still be available, just on a more limited basis.

THANK YOU Above all, I cannot thank you enough for your support of the dairy.  The community that has been built around Mexican food in London is incredible.  We are grateful to all the chefs, foodies, press and just all-around lovely people who made my dream a reality.