Holiday Season Schedule (plan as of 28/11)

We will be CLOSED from late morning on Friday, 23 December and will resume regular hours on Tuesday, 3 January.  Below you will find the schedule for both retail and wholesale orders


  • Last shipping day before Christmas is Thursday, 15 December 
  • We can only guarantee stock for orders received via our “buy” page by Sunday, 11 December.   
  • We will do whatever we can to fulfill orders received after the 11th, but no orders can be processed after 12 noon on Wednesday, 14 December
  • As always, we suggest contacting Cool Chile Company or Mexgrocer if you want to place orders for small pieces or after these deadlines


  • Order deadline for the last 2 weeks of December is Friday, 16 December for customers who receive direct delivery via our van (see below for shipment deadlines)
  • All orders must be placed via (please, no phone orders)
  • Orders can be accepted, but not guaranteed, after this date.  We will fulfill everything we can as long as stock is available
  • Regular deliveries will occur on 20, 23 & 30 December.   The only delivery day cancelled during this period is Tuesday, 27 December.  However, there may be stock shortages, so please review the detail below
  • Order deadline for 1st week of January is Friday, 30 December at noon.   There will be shortages of some stock on Tuesday, 3 January.  As such, regular Tuesday delivery customers who receive Oaxaca and/or Queso Fresco can receive an additional free delivery on Friday, 6 January if we are not able to completely fulfil your order (as long as order was received by 30/12 deadline)
  • IMPORTANT information related to specific cheeses:
  • QUESO FRESCO customers, please note we will NOT be making on the 29th as we usually do.  If you want Queso Fresco delivered on the 30th, note that it will be produced on Thursday, 22 December.   The next Queso Fresco make will be Thursday, 5 January. 
    • We are reaching out to regular queso fresco customers and may put in a make on Monday 2 January to be delivered on Tuesday, 3 January.   This is pending demand
    • There will be no delivery of retail wrapped (i.e. 250g wedges) queso fresco on Friday, 30 December.
  • QUESO OAXACA customers, the last make will occur on Tuesday, 21 December.  We will be building stock the prior week, but do anticipate being very close to capacity, so please be sure to get your orders in on time
    • There will be no delivery of retail wrapped (i.e. 250g balls) on Friday, 30 December.  
  • QUESO CHIHUAHUA customers, we have built stock and do not anticipate any shortages.  Do note that Chihuahua is a fine substitute for Oaxaca if you do need to place a late order and Oaxaca stock is not available
    • There will be no delivery of retail wrapped (i.e. 250g wedges) on Friday 30 December


  • For existing customers who receive product via overnight delivery, the order deadline is Sunday, 11 December.  Orders should be placed at (please, no phone orders)
  • The last day we can ship is Thursday, 15 December
  • Regular shipments can resume on 3 January.  We will not be able to ship Oaxaca until 4/1 and queso fresco until 5/1


  • Apologies, if you are not an established customer prior to 15 December, we will not be able to on-board you as a new customer until the new year
  • If we have stock and your order qualifies for delivery (5 kilo minimum), we will be able to deliver on 20 or 30 December as a COD order.  email to place your order

Please get in touch immediately if you have any questions or concerns.   We are happy to accept advance orders from today.